The future of golf is looking good!

On July 1st at The Dunes and July 2nd at Rosebud Country Club, 47 Junior golfers between 7 and 18 competed in the 2019 GPV Junior Masters. With a handicap range of +2 for the top end players to -35 for our younger golfers, we saw some incredible golf. 

Monday with a 7:50 start, into howling winds with an incredibly icy touch the Juniors teed off on to one of the toughest courses on the Peninsula at The Dunes. Well, it’s tough for the rest of us. These golfers put on a masterclass of keeping composure in exceptionally tough conditions. Picture a short par 3, with no wind protection, so a very small tough green, with no room for error. Wind blowing right to left like it’s chasing a $100 note down the street. And one by one, the juniors rolled up, hit it at right angles and landed so beautifully on the green, you’d almost think it was a video game. 

Overall, despite plenty of competition, Jasper Stubbs came out on top to win the Limestone Trophy c/o The Dunes. 

Day 2 and onto Rosebud Country Club, South Course. And again, turning up while it’s still dark they all headed to the Range to warm up. True sign of how serious they were treating the competition. One of my favourite parts of watching warm-up is the interaction between the players. This is a prestigious and serious event – doesn’t mean you can’t have an informal longest drive comp to see who can clear the trees. 

And again, plenty of incredible scores. Keeley Marx was the winner of the Betty Hebb Trophy.

Both Jasper and Keeley were also the overall Boys and Girls Winner of the GPV Junior Masters. Other notable names to keep an eye out for going forward was the always impressive Molly Mclean, the Li brothers William and Eric, Piper Stubbs and Abel Edwards.

It was a genuine privilege to watch the players over the 2 days. It’s clear that, just like Hannah Green and Jason Day who have played these local comps as Juniors, there is a future major champion in amongst this field.  

I’m looking forward to running more Junior events on the Peninsula. Thanks to The Dunes and Rosebud Country Club for your support of Junior Golf, and their staff who were major parts in running the event. 

Adam Phillips